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James Eugene Tapella

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James Tapella was the fifth child and fourth son of Geralamo Tapella, born in Cuggiono Italy on April 21, 1999. He came to the US with the rest of his family in 1915 through Ellis Island and destined for St. Louis.

Jimmy as he was known was the most outgoing and gregarious member of the family. His laughter was infectious and could make heads turn. He worked many years at ????

He married Eda Corso in 1937 and lived many years on Alicia Ave. in Maplewood. They had one daughter, Barbara Jean.

by Charles Tapella


Descendants of James Eugene Tapella, Child of Geralamo Tapella
1Gerolamo Tapella (June 14, 1870 - April 25, 1946) married in Italy about 1896
Francesca Bonali (July 13, 1876 - November 10, 1918)
2.James Eugene Tapella (August 24, 1911 - March 22, 1970) married June 5, 1937
Eda Josephine Corno (December 1, 1913 - June 22, 1990)

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3..Barbara Jean Tapella (July 30, 1942) married February 5, 1966
Robert Joseph Voss Sr. (September 5, 1937)
4...Michelle Patricia Voss (April 6, 1967) married October 11, 2003
John Harold Waak
4...Jeannie Norine Voss (June 9, 1969) married October 29, 1994
Van Eric Seabaugh (June 7, 1966)
5....Madeline Jean Seabaugh (August 15, 1996)
5....Evan Michael Seabaugh (September 12, 2000)
4...Robert Joseph Voss Jr. (April 21, 1977) married June 24, 2000
Jenny Marie Myers (July 15, 1978)
5....Mikai Noah Eugene Voss (March 14, 2002)