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John Henry Tapella Sr.

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John Tapella was the fourth child and third son of Geralamo Tapella, born in Cuggiono Italy on April 21, 1999. He came to the US with the rest of his family in 1915 through Ellis Island and destined for St. Louis. A story has been told of this trip. John somehow lost his shoes in Genoa and was forced to buy a very cheap pair. In the course of the sailing, the shoes disintegrated from the sea water and had to have the soles replaced with cardboard.

Very little is known about John prior to WWII. During the war, John entered the Navy and served as a Seabee. He was a very sharp card player and manipulator. He managed to return from the war with a handsome amount of money which he invested wisely.

He married Jennie Barbaglia in 1946. They had three children, John Jr., Angela, and Gerard (who died shortly after childbirth).

by Charles Tapella


Descendants of John Henry Tapella Sr., Child of Geralamo Tapella
1Gerolamo Tapella (June 14, 1870 - April 25, 1946) married in Italy about 1896
Francesca Bonali (July 13, 1876 - November 10, 1918)
2.John Henry Tapella Sr. (April 21 1909 - March 14, 1994) married
Jennie Barbaglia (January 26, 1915 - October 3, 1966)

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3..John Henry Tapella Jr. (February 29, 1948 - March 13, 2006)
3..Angela Maria Tapella (May 25, 1952) married August 13, 1988
Rex Smith (October 9, 1961)
4...Shane Alan Smith (October 9, 1989)
3..Gerard Louis Tapella (April 15, 1959 - May 9, 1959)