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Pierina Josephina Tapella Pastorello

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Pierina Tapella was the sixth child and second daughter of Geralamo Tapella, born in St. Louis on September 6, 1916, the first of the family born in the US.

Lee, as she was known, was a quiet and gentle woman. She worked many years at Liggett and Myers.

He marriedJoe Pastorello in 1947 and lived many years in the old homestead on Marconi Ave. In the seventies, they moved to St. Louis Hills near Francis Park.

by Charles Tapella


Descendants of Pierina Josephina Tapella Pastorello, Child of Geralamo Tapella
1Gerolamo Tapella (June 14, 1870 - April 25, 1946) married in Italy about 1896
Francesca Bonali (July 13, 1876 - November 10, 1918)
2.Pierina Josephina (Lee) Tapella (September 6, 1916 - October 30, 1999) married June 21, 1947
Joseph Charles Pastorello (May 2, 1915 -October 19, 1978)

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